Thursday, June 27, 2013

Potter Walk

So, a little while back we talked about the Potter League for Animals.  We also mentioned that they were having their 24th Annual Heart and Sole Walk for Animals in early June.  Well it happened and we were there.  Check out some pics:

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gatsby (OFMIL?)

The blazer would go awesome with
a pair of white Lock Sickers...just sayin'
Ok, we weren't going to keep drawing from the movie "well" every week, but then Gatsby came out and we were inspired. Alright, that's not entirely true. Brooks Brothers beat us to it. In conjunction with the movie, they are releasing their own movie inspired looks (which we totally dig). From regatta blazers to boater hats, Gatsby’s bow tie to Nick Carroway’s green shawl-collar sweater, it’s all for sale at Brooks Brothers (not that they need our promotion).  The real cool part, however, is that Brooks Brothers themselves were the inspiration for the look of the movie. Huh? Let us elaborate. The movie's costume designer Catherine Martin modeled the film’s 500-piece wardrobe off Brooks’ early 1920s catalog offerings (some of which F. Scott Fitzgerald bought for himself); the company is 195 years old after all. This is life imitating art imitating life. Boom. Consider your mind blown.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Favorite Movie Inspired Looks (OFMIL?)

Ok, we'll admit it.  Most of our favorite movies are from the 80's.  Don't judge.  It may not have been the golden age of cinema (or music or fashion or much else for that matter), but you have to admit there was something great about that decade; there was a sense of fun (well, it makes us smile).  So that brings us to our next favorite movie inspired look: The Back to The Future "life vest".

This is a classic that we think still holds up.  Or at very least, is back in style.  Fashion is cyclical after all.  Pair it with some nice jeans (hint hint) and a collared shirt and you'll be getting compliments faster than you can say "Hello McFly".  We'd even go as far as to throw on the vans from our last post.  C'mon, would we steer you wrong?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Favorite Movie Inspired Looks (OFMIL?)

Ok, we figured we'd try a new feature.  Hopefully we'll keep up with this one (cough <photographer of the week> cough).  

Warning: don't try this with a toasted bagel...we
still have the scars
First up is a classic: The Spicoli.  Based off the role that put Sean Penn on the map.  "All I need are some tasty waves a cool buzz and I'm fine." 

Obviously we're a fan of the bagel, but mostly, we dig the Vans.  30 years after Fast Times, these shoes still rock.  And not just for that beach bum, skater boy look.  In fact, we prefer to go the other way and pair them with something more straight laced in order to add some flair but keep up appearances.  Then again, it wouldn't work if everybody rocked them that way.  So don't steal our style.  Just appreciate ;)


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Potter League

Our adopted dog and official Lock Sicker mascot Bodhi.
If you can, donate and help others like him.
Today we've decided to spotlight one of our favorite charities:  The Potter League for Animals.  Located here in our home state of RI, The Potter League is an 'open admission' shelter which is able to help as many pets as possible. Their doors are opened to all unwanted animals in Newport County - the ill, the aged, the dangerous, the badly behaved and the unappealing as well as the highly adoptable animals.  What's really cool about this shelter is that they do extensive community outreach and educational efforts.  They know that a big part of helping animals is working with people as well. 

You can check out the website to get all the details, but here are a few of our favorite highlights:

  • They are heavily invested into providing funds for medical care for sick, elderly, or injured animals.
  • When space allows, they gladly work with other shelters to transfer their adoptable animals to the Potter League to insure more animals find homes.
  • The Potter League has a Pet Visitation Program where volunteers and staff bring animals to local nursing homes, group homes and Newport Hospital. In the past 28 years over 10,000 animal visits have cheered and inspired patients and residents in these treatment facilities.
  • For 27 years our extensive Humane Education Program has been a part of the culture of local schools with a multiple-lesson curriculum on animal care, responsibility and kindness.
  • Since 1985, the Potter League staff has penned a weekly Pet Advise column in The Newport Daily News.
  • The Potter League holds monthly Pet Loss Support Group Sessions. Started in 1991, they were one of the first shelters in the country to offer this service for those coping with the loss of a companion animal.
  • PetSafe is an outreach program which offers temporary and emergency housing to animals belonging to victims of domestic violence, fires, hospitalization, etc.
  • Through their financial assistance program and Animal House Calls, they provide funds to low income families and seniors on fixed incomes for spay/neuter surgeries for their pets and for emergency veterinary care.
  • Ani-Meals-on-Wheels program delivers pet food to shut-ins with pets.

  • Pretty cool, right?  Anyway, we must admit we have an ulterior motive for talking about the Potter League right now.  They're having their 24th Annual Heart & Sole Walk for the Animals and we're participating.  It takes place Sunday, June 2nd and we're trying to raise at least $1,000 dollars to help support the cause.  So far be it from us to tell you how to spend your money (you know, besides buying our jeans), but we know the animals and the shelter would appreciate anything you can give.  Thank you for at least checking it out.

    DONATE ;)

    Saturday, March 30, 2013

    Thank You for Being a Friend

    You're a furry little gnome and we feed you too much ~ Dorothy to her mother Sophia

    Oh man, this guy is probably a serial killer,
    but we still gotta give him props on the tat
    So some of us here at the Lock Sicker offices (cough<molly>cough) are huge fans of Golden Girls.  In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a day where Betty White, Bea Arthur and the rest of the gang can't be heard on the TV in the background around here (Damn you Hallmark Channel...).  Thus, you can only imagine how are minds were blown when we found out the theme song is actually a real song by a guy named Andrew Gold.  And its actually pretty sweet.  Listen below.  You can thank us later. 

    Friday, March 22, 2013

    Come Fade Away With Me Again*

    Ok folks, time to check how our favorite pair of Lock Sickers are doing.  It's been about 18 months and these suckers are really starting to wear in.  Why buy vintage jeans when you can make your own?  Pre-washed?  Yuck.  Stick with us, kid.  

    *P.S. Check out our 7 month post from last year 
    here.  We don't even remember writing it....

    Locksicker 13.5oz straight leg raw denim